September 29, 2017


Hi everyone. I am soooo excited to share this colorful layout with you! After I finished prepping the layout with gesso and it was dry, I immediately started painting the background using the orange and pink Twinkling H20's. Once the watercolor paints were dry, I splashed blue watercolor paint on top of the pink and orange to make it more messy. I actually messaged Wendy the beginning stage of this project and said, "I hope this doesn't look like shit when I'm done." LOL... Have you ever started something and thought, "uh, I don't know about this." Sure, the idea in my head looked good, but getting it on paper is a bit tricky.

I am seriously loving how vibrant these watercolors are on this layout! Just a heads up, you may want to get some gesso before you start using these babies because it really helps prevent the paper from warping and it helps make the watercolors keep their color!

For the flowers, I used the ribbons from this month's add-ons. LOVE THEM. Ah, they are so pretty and I am so lucky that I was able to play with them. Thank you Wendy! I forgot that I had these Glubers in my stash so I decided to pull them out. These adhesives make it so easy to create flowers from ribbon! It's been awhile since I've made my own flowers so I though, why not since I had all of these pretty ribbons.
The Glubers are easy to use. Simply pull the top plastic off of the base. Then place the end of your ribbon to the center of the Gluber and twirl the ribbon around in a circle, pressing down every so often so the ribbon sticks onto the glue. Once you've covered the entire Gluber with ribbon, you might need to cut the ribbon and tuck it behind the flower.
Aren't these flowers gorgeous? I am not normally a flower girl, but these ribbons had me thinking... and they look gorgeous against the orange and pink background. And since I love the orange Prima flower that came with the kit, I decided to use it. These colors look so vibrant against each other.
I  used stamps by Altenew to create the leaves for the flowers and I used the sentiments for my journaling. I was lucky that I had magenta ink in my stash! It worked so well for this layout. And because I am totally digging the chipboard, I used the number "38" which, now that I think about it, buy the time this post goes live, I will be 39, but Oh well.
I decorated the center of the flowers using enamel dots of different colors, sizes and shapes. They really makes the flowers pop. I painted on the Prima Coloring Paper and cut a piece out to mat my photo. This coloring paper is awesome! I used it on three of my projects this month, using bits and pieces here and there.
Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I was able to inspire you to use those Twinkling H20's and ribbon (if you bought them) on your next project.
Have a wonderful day!

September 28, 2017


A few weeks ago, after I had just picked Edward up from school, were getting out of the truck when Edward said, "hey mommy, let me see your glasses." He had that silly, toothless grin on his face that I simply cannot resist. LOL... And he just looked so innocent. So, I handed over my glasses and watched him put them on his face.

After a few minutes, he says, "now I look like my mommy nerd." HAHHAHA, he makes me laugh everyday. For this layout, I used Creative Memories' Bookworm Designer Papers and Stickers.

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September 26, 2017


Hi everybody! I finally scrapbooked Edward's soccer photos from the photo shoot he asked me to do for him a few weeks ago. Honestly, I was shocked that he wanted me to take pictures of him since he never seems to cooperate with me when I want to take his pictures... So....when he asked me to take some pictures, I ran into the house to grab my camera, ran back outside and started snapping away. I let him do whatever he wanted... the photos are not staged. He was totally into it. HAHA.

I used Creative Memories' Go! Fight! Win! Designer Paper and Stickers. Love the stickers in this collection; totally cute! Seriously, this layout was super quick and easy to create. Once the photos were printed, and the papers were matted down it came together quickly with a few stickers here and there.

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Dripping watercolor paints onto cardstock

Hello everybody! I am soooo excited to share my first project using Bad Girls Couture's gorgeous September kit  I am loving the gold puffy stickers, Prima flowers and Twinkling H20's. So naturally, for my first layout, I decided to play with all of the above. For this layout, I used this image from Pinterest as my inspiration. I really like how the paint drips down the image...
Pinterest Inspiration
Before I started dripping the watercolor paints down the page, I covered a piece of White cardstock in white gesso and let it dry over night. Once the gesso was completely dry, I added lots of water at the top of my Twinkling H20's (Playful Peony, Sea Spray, Ancient Coin) and let them sit for 15 minutes so that the water soaked into the paints. Once the water set into the paints, I gently mixed the paints using a small paintbrush then I poured the paint down the page using each color. Then I started the process all over again so that I created several watercolor lines down the page.

I hand-cut the frame from the Prima coloring paper and painted it using the Ancient Coin and Sea Spray Twinkling H2O's then cut it in half to use at the top of the layout. Since this is a 8 1/2x11" the frame as a whole would have taken up the entire layout so I decided to cut it in half.
I printed two small photos to add to the frame and hand-cut the "Date Night" sentiment from the Crate Paper and tucked it behind the photo. Then I added the adorable metal clip with the hearts, the flower and puffy sticker! I love the vintage appeal of this layout. It's so very pretty with the brown and blue with the touch of gold.
I stapled a piece of ribbon from this month's add-ons at the bottom of the layout to create a fun border for the layout. I used a gluedot in the middle of the ribbon to keep it In place.
Here is the final layout. Seriously, this was such an easy layout to create once the gesso and paint dried. When dripping the paint down the page, down worry if it looks messy! That's part of the charm!
Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope I was able to inspire you to use your Twinkling H20's this month because they are a lot of fun!

September 18, 2017


Hi ladies. I am back today with another fun layout using Clique Kit's September Sundance kit. The patterns and die cuts in this month's kit is so pretty. I love them. I've had these photos for a few months now, but didn't have the right papers and embellishments to go with them. I pulled the blue and cream colors from the photos to create a well balanced layout.

I wasn't sure at first if the washi would go with this layout, but I managed making it work by adding the tiny red plaid star sticker to help pull the red into the layout. I used a pen and ruler to create faux stitching on the heart sticker.
I layered several die cuts together at the bottom of the photo to help pull the photos together. And to balance it out, I added a few more at the top right photo in the corner. Then I added my hand-journaling to complete the layout.
Thanks so much for visiting today!


Hi everyone. I've been waiting since May to scrapbook these adorable alpacas. The Sundance kit was perfect for these photos. I love the patterns in this collection and decided to use a variety of patterns for the background of my layout. I love patterned paper...

One of my favorite types of die cuts is frames. I love creating a collage of photos to print them on a smaller scale to use on my layout. This tip works perfectly for printing small photos just small enough to fit within the frames.

I layered the frames side by side then used a few die cuts, acrylic and stickers to decorate the frames.

Since I ran out of space to actually hand-journal on this layout, I used the sticker words to help share my story!

Thanks for visiting today!

September 16, 2017


One word that summed of our time at the fair last night...Epic! Edward was so excited because is grew two inches this year! Which meant that he could go on most of the rides. Unlike last year, he had to go on the kiddy rides and he was quite bummed. I was sad for him...

But not this year! Man, he got on every ride he could in the three hours we were at the fair. He has no fear! If Sydney got on the ride, so did he. I had such a great time watching him have fun. Seriously, it was so awesome. While he got on the rides, I ate junk; a lot of it... Funnel Cakes, cheese fries, pretzel bits... we all shared. LOL All night, I kept hearing Edward yell out, "that was epic!"

The bracelets were definitely the way to go...

These two... they are two years apart, but so close. Best buds forever.

I looked over and saw my son beaming!!! SERIOUSLY, I cannot get enough of his handsome face. He is so precious.

They did not stop... they ran from one place to the next. There was no time to be wasted. And the lines weren't that bad! We made out going on a Friday night...

The girls made sure Edward made the cut for every ride. Hehe 48", not a hair to spare!

I wanted to throw up watching them on this thing... I used to be able to go on rides... not anymore. I get too sick from motion sickness.

Edward was dancing, waiting in line to get on the UFO. His FAVORITE ride of the night. He waited 2 years to get on this thing! LOL. He liked how the seats went up and the music.

Edward did not want to go on the swing, but I told him he had to because Sydney went on every single ride he wanted... he didn't argue after that.

I think this was their next favorite ride. They got on it a few times.

They both went on the Ferris wheel. It was pretty big too. I thought about going on this, but chickened out at the last minute... I am afraid of heights.

They are at the very top... :)

What a great time we had together with our friends! Can't wait to do it again next year.

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