Sunday, January 19, 2020


Good morning all! I added a few more pages to my cruise album. I really had fun with this spread... I decided to take several embellishments and glue them directly to the photo, rather than create an actual page. It looks really neat in the album too.

While we were in Freeport, Bahamas, we stopped by the Perfume Factory. This was a neat experience! You can actually go into this shop and make your own scented perfumes! Or... you can just buy a few bottles. I grabbed a card while I was there so I can continuing supporting this factory!

One night, my husband called me out on the balcony and there were hundreds of stars in the sky. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish the photo turned out better...but it's very hard to get a picture, but it was amazing... seriously.

I kept our room steward's card to add in my mini as well. He took great care of us! While we were touring the island, I took a photo of this Lighthouse. 

And I think that is a wrap for my mini book! I may do one more page using the formal night pictures in the form of a collage, but that will be it! :) If you're wondering where I bought the mini book, check out Citrus Twist's Shop. They just got some new colors in and they are perfect for creating mini albums!

Thanks for visiting today. 

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