Tuesday, May 02, 2023


Good morning, friends. I'm sharing this pillow case I sublimated for Artesprix! Since it's Spring time, I wanted to create something springy.  

For this project, I am using a variety of sublimation ink pads, blending brushes and sign stencils from The Crafter's Workshop.

To begin, I taped two pieces of letter size paper together using heat tape and then taped down the Peony Spray sign stencil to prevent the stencil from slipping. Next, I blended the green through the stencil being careful. to pull in one direction to prevent the brush from sliding underneath the stencil.

After I was finished with the green, I used a fiber cloth to wipe the ink off the stencil before moving on to the next color. I do not want my colors to mix... I want this to look pretty.

If you look closely, you will notice I added two different colors to the flowers... Purple and then a little blue...then Orange with a little red and the red with a little orange... just wait until you see how pretty this looks once it goes through the heat press!

Isn't this pretty? Ah, I just love it.

After I finished blending in the ink through each of the flowers, I grabbed the Happy Spring stencil and flipped in backwards to create a mirror image. I taped the ends down and used black ink and a blending brush to color in the sentiment.

Then, I covered my mistakes using heat tape. If you cover your mistakes with heat tape, it will not transfer to your blank once it goes through the heat press! Trust me... you do not want to do all of this work all to find a few streaks and smears... cover them up because they will show! I have a few blotches with the green...unfortunately, I can't do much about that so I'm letting that go.

I made sure to use a good amount of heat tape. This kills me because when it comes to heat tape and protective paper, I'm frugal, but I did not want this project to slip in the heat press. I need it nice and taped... if it moves when you put this in the heat press, you'll get a ghost image (double image) and it sucks so much when this happens... You see, I've done this enough to know. :) Learn from me. I'm here to help.
I placed protective paper at the top and bottom of the project.

I set the heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 seconds. Once it was hot enough, I carefully placed the project in the heat press with the image facing up. I had to repeat this process two times to get the full image.
And here is my favorite part... peeling the protective paper to take a look! AHHHH!! It's so pretty. :) I was worried the image shifted, but it looks great!

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