Friday, December 27, 2019


Hello everyone! It was hard going back to work this week after being on a cruise for 7 nights. We had such a great trip. Not a lot of sunshine, but we ate a lot, rested, played a lot and laughed a lot. It was just what my little family needed.

My hubby and I have traveled to a few places, but we've never been on a cruise. It was different... if I had to chose between staying on land or a ship... I prefer land. But we tried it and still had  a good time. If we ever go on a cruise again, I do not want to go for 7 nights. That was too long for me. I'd much rather keep it at 5 days.

One of the things we were really looking forward to was going to the Atantis Resort in Nassau. This is what we woke up to... it was extremely windy and it poured all day. We did not go to the resort, but we did get off the ship for an hour to do a little shopping.

I snapped this on our first day after we boarded the ship! Edward was really excited. We were all the way on the top deck and Edward was amazed at how big the ship was.

I made sure to go over some safety rules with being... DO NOT PLAY AROUND THE RAILINGS. EVER. Enough said.

I don't know how we managed this... it could have been the $500 bux spent in the Arcade, but we did not do any shopping on the ship and Edward did not want anything. :) Except for our cards to swipe in the Arcade. I do not like how you use your card for everything... before you know it, you've spent $1800 by the end of your cruise... beware!

On our first night, we decided to eat dinner at David's. It cost extra, but it was worth it. And I got a free bottle of wine for booking the dinner on our first night! It was delicious and well worth the $38 bux per person. We considered going twice...until we realized how much we spent on drinks etc. :)

This tiny burger was tasty. :) It totally hit the spot before our steaks arrived.

It took Edward awhile to actually get in the hot tub. I think he was nervous... so daddy got in with him and after awhile, Edward met a few friends! Thank God... he was driving me crazy.

This boy loves to eat...and he ate good the entire week. He even cracked on me a few times... when he gets home, it's back to Hot Pockets and Frozen pizzas. Sad, but true. LOL

This was our second day. We attempted to play miniature golf on the top deck, but it was freezing and it was too windy.We got to play on Wednesday!

I couldn't help myself... I had to do it... you know what i'm talking about if you scrapbook. :)

My husband took this photo Sunday night as we were leaving Baltimore. 

I had a few margaritas and they were not stingy on the liquor. One night the tequila really hit me after I had two and I couldn't stop laughing. LOL

This hot fudge cake was sooooooo good. I had it on three different nights... Hence, this is how I gained 3 pounds on the cruise.

And cheesecake... DELICIOUS!!

We ate a lot of tacos for lunch. We love tacos... and it never got old. I had burgers and fries a few times, too.

We were standing at the front of the boat here. It was beautiful.

While everyone got off the boat to do some excursions in Half Moon Cay, we enjoyed the pool and hot tub to ourselves. The hot tub was crystal clear and clean... and the pool was freezing, but it felt good once I was hot enough. :)

I snapped this picture while we were in Freeport. We did a little bit of shopping and took a tour of the gardens.

Edward loved seeing these little guys show up on our bed everyday. :) 

We rented a jeep and took a tour of Freeport on Friday. We were excited to be on land!! It was cool driving through town, looking at the villages and mansions.

I took these photos while we were in Taino Beach. The sand was white and the water was so blue. Gosh... seriously, it was beautiful.

This house was soooo big. Add 4 more of these photos side by side and that is how big it was! GORGEOUS.

Seriously, it was huge. I wouldn't mind living here.

View of Half Moon Cay from the front of the ship.

Edward was determined to climb up the coconut tree to grab some coconuts... when he realize that was impossible...he went looking for them. And he found two. :) My little nature boy.

He found a few rocks and shells that he put back after admiring them.

And that's it. A little snapshot of our time on the cruise! I took over 400 photos... these are some of my favorites.

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